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Family Selection Process

  • Your current shelter has problems with the structure, roof, floor heating and cooling system, water supply, electricity, bathrooms and/or kitchen.
  • Your current shelter has an inadequate number of bedrooms as determined by the number, ages and gender of household members.
  • Your current neighborhood is unsafe and/or unsanitary.
  • An applicant family agrees to perform 300 hours of “sweat equity” on their home or other Habitat projects prior to moving into their Habitat home.
  • A single parent applicant agrees to complete 300 hours of sweat equity on their home or other Habitat projects prior to moving into their Habitat home.
  • All applicant families agree to complete the Pre-Closing Program, which includes Financial Counseling, Home Management and Maintenance and other Habitat activities.
  • A family must meet minimum household gross income per year depending on family size (for example a household of 4 must meet minimum of $34,650 – $55,450 per year).  Houston Habitat for Humanity homes  or families earning 50-80% of the Area Median Income for Houston, Texas as determined by HUD.
  • Houston HFH builds homes for families earning 50-80% of the Area Median Income for Houston, TX as determined by HUD.
  • A family selected for a Habitat home must pay closing costs on their Habitat home.
  • A family must have the ability to make their monthly mortgage payments including their escrow fees along with their current debt.
  • You must have satisfactory credit (620+).

Houston Habitat for Humanity is an equal opportunity builder and complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act in the marketing, sale, and purchasing of properties. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for homeownership without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity.

Our homeowners are the reason we do what we do


  • Purchasing a Houston Habitat home is a partnership – not just a mortgage! We offer 3- or 4- bedroom homes with no down payment, and a 0% interest rate.
  • If you meet the criteria and are selected as a Family Partner, we will ask you to participate in homeowner training classes and complete 300 hours of “sweat equity” – helping to build your home or your neighbors’ homes and in our office or retail store.
  • Those wishing to apply for a Houston Habitat home should review the criteria listed below and check our website frequently. We accept applications only during application fairs – typically held twice per year.

Questions? We have answers.


What is the first step towards purchasing a new home?

If you are interested in the Houston Habitat program and have reviewed the requirements, the next step is to attend an information session to learn more about our program and receive an application. To find out about the next upcoming information session, please fill out the homeowner interest form on our website. You will be put on our mailing list, and we will send information about our next session as soon as we have the dates confirmed.

Will Houston Habitat give me a house?

No, but if you meet the criteria and are accepted into the program, we will invite you to become a Houston Habitat Family Partner and purchase one of our homes. Our homes are sold with no down payment (other than sweat equity) and with a 0% interest rate.

How are family partners selected?

After attending an information session, applicants need to submit an application within 2 weeks. Applications are reviewed, and a home interview will be scheduled. The Family Selection committee members then decide which families will be selected.

Will Houston Habitat run a credit check?

Yes. We will ask you as a homeowner applicant to submit financial documentation to us. We will verify employment, check credit, and make an assessment as to whether Houston Habitat is an appropriate program for you.

What is sweat equity?

Sweat equity builds partnership, pride in homeownership and development of skills and knowledge. Following approval by the selection committee, the future homeowner must complete 300 hours of sweat equity before being able to purchase their home. Your friends and family may also help work toward your hours, and you may do sweat equity on our construction sites, in the office, or at our retail store.

How long is the process?

Ideally construction of a home begins within a year from the time of approval, and completion of the home will vary depending on our overall construction schedule. The construction process is a complex one with many variables depending on funding sources and the building requirements, and this complexity makes it difficult to predict the length of time from purchase of a property to completion of home(s).

What kind of homes does Houston Habitat for Humanity build?

We build three- to four-bedroom single family homes with approximately 1300 square feet depending on the family size. Our homes are either brick exterior or have siding – the size and layout depend on our construction schedule, funding sources, and each family’s needs. We are able to build to ADA standards at request.

What else is expected of family partners?

In addition to sweat equity and homeowner classes, we ask families to share their stories. We occasionally get family partners to talk about the program or be featured in media, but we always respect your privacy and wishes. At Houston Habitat we build community by asking you to meet neighbors, get involved in Homeowners’ Associations and becoming a true partner to our program.

Download the FAQ’s of homeownership with Houston Habitat.

Descargar las FAQ de la propiedad de vivienda de Hábitat con Houston.

Our focus is to help those families that are 50%-80% of area median income.

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