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Our homeowners are the reason we do what we do. Purchasing a Houston Habitat home is a partnership – not just a mortgage! We offer 3- or 4- bedroom homes with no down payment, and a 0% interest rate.

If you meet the criteria and are selected as a Family Partner, we will ask you to participate in homeowner training classes and complete 300 hours of “sweat equity” – helping to build your home or your neighbors’ homes and in our office or retail store.

Those wishing to apply for a Houston Habitat home should review the criteria listed below and check our website frequently. We accept applications only during application fairs – typically held twice per year.

Families need to meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the Habitat for Humanity program:

Need for Adequate Shelter:
Your current shelter has problems with the structure, roof, floor, heating and cooling system, water supply, electricity, bathrooms or kitchen. Your current shelter has an inadequate number of bedrooms as determined by the number of family members or ages and sex of household members living together.  Your current neighborhood is unsafe or unsanitary.

Willingness to Partner:
An applicant family agrees to perform 300 hours of "sweat equity" on their home or other Habitat projects prior to moving into their Habitat home. A single parent applicant agrees to complete 300 hours of sweat equity on their home or other Habitat projects prior to moving into their Habitat home. All applicant families agree to complete the Pre-Closing Program, which includes Financial Counseling, Home Management and Maintenance and other Habitat activities.

Ability to Pay:
A family must have a minimum household gross income of $28,140.00 or more per year depending on family size to qualify. Houston HFH builds homes for families earning 50-60% of the Area Median Income for Houston, TX as determined by HUD. A family selected for a Habitat home must pay up to $3,000.00 of closing costs on their Habitat home. A family must have the ability to make their monthly mortgage payments including their escrow fees along with their current debt. You must have satisfactory credit (minimum 620 credit score).

Our focus is to serve families that are 50%-80% of
area median income.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's annual
Area Median Income guidelines:

Family Size

Minimum Household Income

Maximum Household Income

1 $28,140
2 $32,160
3 $36,180 $48,150
4 $40,140 $53,500
5 $43,380 $57,800
6 $46,620 $62,150
7 $49,800 $66,350
  8 $53,040 $70,650

Equal housing opportunity for potential homeowners:
Houston Habitat for Humanity is an equal opportunity builder and complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act in the marketing, sale, and purchasing of properties. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for homeownership without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity.

Questions? Contact Betty Barrientos at bbarrientos@houstonhabitat.org.

“My home is blessed and a gift which I treasure daily. I am glad I can pay towards this home instead of giving it away on apartment rent.”

- Houston Habitat Homeowner

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